Kevin Ashley
completion Apr04
Super Street El Camino – Update to double rail 25-2 spec without going through the rear window. No tin, no abundance of tabs. It’s our basic ‘handyman’s special’. We enjoy these builds with customers and have no problem being your ‘subcontractor’, providing the foundation for your project.
Roland Lursky
delivered Mar04
Super Modified Firebird – Repair slight meeting with retaining wall, paint exterior, fab new headers, wing, four link bars and plumb 2 stages of nitrous.
Monte Mikho
delivered Mar04
Super Modified Chevy Camaro - A full chassis update to SFI 25.2 spec and all interior tin work. Installation of ProCar four link brackets, anti-roll bar, wheelie bars, etc. Your basic no-holds-barred battleship strong enough for a 2200 hp turbo.
Stanley - Weiss Racing: 2003 NSCA Rookie of the Year
completion Apr04
Pro Outlaw Street Chevy Camaro - A full chassis with components provided from the teams’ previous racecar. Complete installation and fit of an Advanced Fiber-Glas Concepts '69 Camaro composite body to the new chassis. Fabricate new wing. Fab update to existing McAmis housing. Provide a good buddy with a safe car he can stick his kid in.
Nick Scavo: 2003 NSCA Super Street Champion
completion Apr04
Super Street Corvette - A full double rail ship-in-a-bottle buildup to SFI 25.2 spec, including the mounting of the turbo, all the ducting, the intercooler, and squeezing a Bruno / Lenco unit in there. Also, new stainless turbo headers, wheelie bars, G-Force nitro coupe rear, belly pan tin, etc. are included. Typical over the top Scavo lunacy. It’s pretty cool.
Larry Mann: 2002 OSCA EZ Street Champion
delivered Feb04
EZ Street Mustang - A full chassis cut and replace to SFI 25.1 spec, ‘Pro Mod’ mid plate, custom chromoly ProCar ladder bar brackets. Essentially, we’re trying to make the OSCA guys mad at us, and Larry very happy. Stay tuned.
Ellen and Joe Pavao
delivered Mar03

Nostalgia Pro Street Camaro – Section and re-fit center of car for TH-400, Rear wing update, new ‘Heavy punishing car’ wheelie bars. We also stretched the quarters, buffed and waxed the car. Neat people.

Pat Budd / Randy Jewell

Our own shop test mule! Many of the ideas that find their way into ProCar chassis or engines started off from questions the Corvette posed. With the ability to try something on our own car we can make sure the customer gets something thet is tried and proven, not just 'something that might work'


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